Why Another Blog?

I asked myself the same question: why another blog?  I already have one, Dreams of Literary Grandeur, which includes all of my writings online, minus some exceptions (which I have links to).  Why split my writings in half?

The answer is this: I am pulled by two worlds, the literary and the critical.   By having two blogs, I can do all my creative writing on Dreams of Literary Grandeur (including personal essays, thought pieces, and the My Favorite Authors series), while reserving all of my critical writing for here.  Also found here will be articles and commentary on live events, simulcasts, and artistic institutions (like independent movie theaters).

In addition to new criticism that will appear on here, I have added all of my old criticism, which I have been tagging and categorizing the past month so as to be easier to find.  One such result is that a list of all of my reviewed films (minus festival films, which I’ve tagged), books, etc.,  can be  found in my sidebar.  Just scroll down to see if I’ve reviewed something you’re interested in.

Now then, shall we begin?