Press Screenings-Week Two

Monday (Day Five): Scheduled to work a half hour later this week, then rescinded when the powers-that-be realized that the box office opens a half hour earlier than the doors for the press screening do.  So, this is the only day I started work at 9.  Received some retraining on how to process and print out festival passes.  Also, I found out that I could pick up my festival badge starting tomorrow. Films: Short Term 12; After Winter, Spring; What Maisie Knew

Tuesday (Day Six): Saw Dirty Wars, but had to stand in the back of the auditorium, since everyone sat near the aisles and I didn’t feel like crawling over people.  Apparently, I should have stood in back for the second feature: I would have had the opportunity to tell people to turn off their cell phones.  As for the film itself, it was decent, but nothing special.  Perhaps it plays differently sitting down.  Picked up my festival badge and raided the complimentary Pop Chips stash at the Film Center.  Since I didn’t get my customized job title on my badge, I added it. 🙂  Films: Dirty Wars, Pit Stop, Una Noche


Wednesday (Day Seven): WiFi went out at work; we received a new router.  Luckily, half the computers are directly connected to the server.  A few walkouts, including four within the first twenty minutes of the first film (which also happens to feature some SIFF staff members).  Second film randomly shut off with ten minutes to go, but was able to be started up again from where it left off.  Films: Mistaken for Strangers, Lasting, Camion

Thursday (Day Eight): Wore my Hawaiian shirt to work for Aloha Thursday, but forgot to take a picture of my wearing it next to the SIFF poster.  Hopefully next week won’t be as crazy as I fear it will be and I can get one taken then.  I also received a Fool Serious Ballot, which I didn’t receive last year.  Internet acting weird at the end of the shift, but apparently came back on soon after the night crew took over.  As the last feature was over two hours long (most of them are around 90 minutes in length), there was a lull once the screening went in, followed by busy-ness as the Katy Perry Pop Chips people arrived to set up for that night’s Katy Perry Pop Up screening of Clueless…except they had to wait until the press screening was finished, since we had moved the final screening from screen 1 to screen 2, which is where they needed to set up.  Also, the final film came with English subtitles, even though it’s in English.  Films: Five Dances, Concussion, Goltzius and the Pelican Company

Friday: Pre-Festival Staff Party at Von Trapp’s.  Super hot upstairs, a bit cooler downstairs.  If I hadn’t had heartburn from something I had eaten earlier in the day, I probably would have enjoyed the free pizza and beer more.  Regardless, playing bocce indoors and in lanes is just wrong.