Press Screenings-Week Three

Note: This will be the last post dealing exclusively with press screenings.  The following posts will include information on press screenings with that of the festival itself.

Monday (Day Nine): I found out that a well-loved theater will be closing its doors at the end of August.  At night, I saw my last pre-festival film: the gorgeous-looking and mellow Renoir.  Even better, I bought a book that won the National Book Award…for 50 cents.  Films: Papadopoulos & Sons, Youth, Ain’t Them Bodies Saints

Tuesday (Day Ten): One of my friends came to see the first two films.  I joined her for the first one.  While the framing was gorgeous (foregrounds and backgrounds covered in fog), I wasn’t hysterical about it, even though it’s about…hysteria.  I heard The Spectacular Now was great, though I’ll watch it during festival, when the director is here.  Anita also received high praise, except by one of our staff, who found nothing new in it.  In addition, our freezer came today.  Ice cream soon followed.  We found room for it in concessions, but if we need any more room, the next thing we’ll have to remove is the concessionaires. Films: Augustine, The Spectacular Now, Anita

Wednesday (Day Eleven): Were given instructions today to start popping popcorn until we couldn’t pop anymore–or until we reached 110 bags.  Expecting a huge crowd for opening night on Thursday.  Starting to get a little busy at box office, but nothing like the insanity that would ensue the following day. Also, all the press screenings today were tear-jerkers, though Furever rubbed one patron the wrong way.  On the positive side, the same patron said that The Wall is the type of movie you go to festivals for.  Films: The Wall, Furever, The Summit

Thursday (Day Twelve): Opening night is tonight, so of course someone broke the popcorn machine last night.  Or it broke itself.  Before it broke, however, 50 bags were popped, plus our 20 from the morning.  I wish I had a picture of all that ‘corn to share, but I don’t.  The manager on duty was able to fix the machine with a part filched from the Film Center popcorn machine (which won’t see use this festival, unless popcorn is being sold during panels).  Also, no one brought down oil, so we had to wait for it to melt before we could continue our mad popping.  We didn’t reach 110 bags, but it was enough.  For press screenings, I heard that Ernest & Celestine was a charmer.  And the phone kept ringing.  And ringing.  And ringing.  Films: After Tiller, Ernest & Celestine, The African Cypher

Next up: A report on Opening Night.  Till then!