The Seattle International Film Festival Turns Forty

This year, the Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) turns 40, which means that some surprises are in store.  In addition to announcing the opening night film before the festival begins (as is customary), Moira Macdonald published an article today in The Seattle Times that lists some of the guests, including Richard Linklater (for Boyhood, which will be the Centerpiece Gala), Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Laura Dern.

I also have a surprise.  While I have covered the festival for four years as a freelancer, this year I will be covering it as a freelancer with a press badge.  There will be a press launch on Wednesday, after which time I will fill you in on more of the perks that a press badge will give me.  I’m hoping to have more access this year than in past years, particularly to the guests.  As usual, I will be using Twitter to supplement my blog posts.  You can follow me @litdreamer.

Until next time, when I will cover the press launch and the first (abridged) week of press screenings!