SIFF 2014: Week Three of Press Screenings

02. 3D Horses
“Hurry! We don’t wanna be late for the press screening!”


Monday, May 12

An interesting start to the week, to say the least.  One person came late for the first press screening, then proceeded to make lots of noise as he crawled over several people in the dark on the way to his seat.  During the second screening, some people were apparently on their cell phones, with one of them using it as a light to search the seats for something, as if they contained buried treasure.  These two incidents prove that SIFF’s no late seating policy (during press screenings) and no talking or texting policy (during any film) are good policies, though there is no mention of using your phone as a flashlight.  The third screening proved uneventful, except that a flood of people walked out of it, and the ones who stayed laughed a lot.  If only it were a comedy, instead of a horror film.

The three films were Iris, Dior and I, and Another.  I heard mostly positive things about the first one (which I want to see) and pretty positive things about the second one (which I don’t).  I think I’ve already covered the reaction to the third.


Tuesday, May 13

A less eventful day today.  A Time in Quichi is about a bunch of kids who befriend and torment the main protagonist.  Apparently, they also tormented some audience members. Difret was replaced with Half of a Yellow Sun, which figures in the tribute to Chiwetel Ejiofor on Monday (Difret will play tomorrow at noon).  One person who saw it told me I should brush up on my Nigerian history before seeing it.  Finally, the screenings ended with The Trip to Italy, in which Steve Coogan eats food that all looks the same while talking to his buddy Rob Brydon.  At least, that’s the impression I got from one of the theater-goers.  And it’s a sequel to The Trip.


Wednesday, May 14

We doubled up today, with Belle & Sebastien playing in Uptown 1, and Song of the New Earth playing at Uptown 2.  We had over 300 kids for the former film, and fewer people for the latter film — especially after some of them left.  Lots of XLarge popcorns sold.  And soda.  And Milk Duds.   We also had two movies playing in the 12 pm slot, but without the kids: The Sunfish in Uptown 1, and the film we were supposed to play yesterday, Difret, in Uptown 2.  And then, because The Lego Movie wasn’t enough of a celebration of Legos, Legos, Beyond the Brick: A Lego Brickumentary played at 2 pm.  One person who saw it thought it was too soulless and corporate.  Apparently, not everything was awesome.

Finally, I heard that all of my press ticket requests were denied, which isn’t surprising, since I was asking to go to the biggest events in the festival.  That just means I need to buy tickets for them, like a normal person.  I also heard yesterday that Laura Dern, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Richard Linklater are doing limited press.  That, coupled with how quickly Boyhood was selling, led me to buy a ticket for the Centerpiece Gala, even though I’ve already seen the film.  I figure it should be easy to get rid of if I decide I don’t want to sit through four hours of movie and Q & A —  but I probably will.


Thursday, May 15

The day started with a man who was irate with our late seating policy, and ended with a woman who was extremely grateful for our customer service.  The screenings today were Night Moves, Fight Church, and Venus in Fur.  The last one is by Roman Polanski.  The other ones aren’t.  They also didn’t sound as if they were as good as Polanski’s film.

Once the last press screening went in, my coworkers and I cleaned up and closed out concessions, as there will be no movies playing at the Uptown tonight.


Next time: Opening Night Gala!

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  1. Hi Greg, if you ever plan on selling your ticket to Boyhood, please let me know! I learned of Richard Linklater’s attendance too late – the screening was sold out – but am keen to come down from Canada just for it.

    1. I’ll probably let me friends know first, but I’ll keep you in mind. There will also be a standby line on the day of the show. Someone is bound to no-show, so if you get there early enough, you still might get in. 🙂

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