Sakura-Con 2015: The Tiring–Day Two (which includes more photos, fewer panels, and the manga library)

Are you ready for some cosplay?!

Are you ready for some cosplay?!

Saturday, April 4

On the second day of Sakura-Con, I replaced my shoulder-strap bag for a backpack and left my laptop at home, which made everything easier to carry.  I also attended fewer panels than the first day, in that I went to none.  Not that there weren’t good panels to be had (the Lady Librarian did one on Princess Mononoke), but while my mind was telling me “yes,” my body was telling me “no.”

11-12, Cosplay Skit Contest (Main Stage, 4A)

Zapp Brannigan and his cohorts from Zapp’s Spaceship of Love

I arrived at Sakura-Con early enough on Saturday to be in the first of three lines to see the Cosplay Skit Contest.  While walking into the venue, background music confirmed that, yes, there is a Japanese version of “Let It Go.”

Three guys from Zapp’s Spaceship of Love hosted the festivities, with humor and bad jokes filling the time in between contestants, often including Brannigan’s skirt tunic.  Also featured: some sexy unsexy dancing.

1. Luigi’s Ballad (Game Grotto) — Luigi serenades Princess Toadstool, only to have Mario come in and rap that she should choose him.  In the end, she chooses Toad.  As funny as it sounds, and proves that Mario’s a jerk. 😉

DSC_0144 DSC_0145 DSC_0146

2. Belly Dance (Fabumi Cosplay)–Two females dancers with more muscles in their stomachs than I have in my body.  Pretty freakin’ awesome.


3. Problems with Being Haoru (Team Hiro) — Haoru wants to go swimming, but it’s snowing outside.  A parody of Frozen, complete with songs.

DSC_0150 DSC_0151

4. Fancy Dancy Magic Prancy Fun Time (Subarashi and Ren-Ren) — Though boasting an impressive title, the dance moves weren’t as impressive as the ones by Fabumi Cosplay, but it included the female of the duo “accidentally” kneeing her partner in the balls.

DSC_0152 DSC_0153

5. Road to Sakura-Con (Fruity Cosplay) — characters from Diablo, having already become gods there, decide to become gods of Sakura-Con.  Included a song from the movie Diablo, with altered lyrics.


6. A Transy Masquerade (Onix Heart) — What it sounds like, complete with a fight scene.  Curious which anime this is taken from.

DSC_0158 DSC_0159DSC_0160

7. Logging Out (The Jem Friends) — A she-robot (and I’m sure I’ll get corrected on this by fans) can’t find her boyfriend, so she kidnaps another boy and takes him to her world. His sister attempts to save him.  Complete with mechanical laughter!


8. Seme and Uke: How To (Danion Biscuits) — This one confused our announcers, as one of them thought this skit was about ukuleles and was puzzled when it didn’t feature any. The audience and Brannigan knew what to expect, however, and while I didn’t, I could guess.  Nothing to really take pictures of, but the description’s in the title, and ended with a kiss between the two contestants: both female, both dressed as boys.  For the uninitiated…

9. Full Metal Circe du Soleil (Crystal Nova Cosplay) — Brannigan had trouble pronouncing Circe du Soleil, until the host dressed as Bidoof told him, “It’s French.  Don’t pronounce the last letter of each word.”  Arguably the best performance of the morning, as Heather Lynch (dressed as Edward Elric) did crazy stuff with a scarf.

DSC_0165 DSC_0166DSC_0168DSC_0169

Then it was time for the hosts to stall until the judges picked the winners, at which time, all the acts were brought out.


Game Grotto won best comedy.  For their victory speech, the person dressed as Mario said (in character), “I’m the best!”  “That Mario is such a jerk,” the announcers agreed.  Best drama went to Crystal Nova Cosplay.  Heather’s response (in character) was, “Don’t ever call me short.”


Then it was time for the audience favorite.  Brannigan manipulated the audience noise (and response) by raising and lowering his arm, then went to each of the acts and measured the applause.  He thought there were a couple that were close, but his fellow announcers decided there was a clear Audience Choice, and that was Fabumi Cosplay.


 12-2, Cosplay Costume Contest (Main Stage, 4A)

The Cosplay Skit Contest led into the Cosplay Costume Contest.  I left during part of the contest to eat lunch, as I was starving, but here are the contestants I saw.



Another day, another tuna sandwich from Goldberg’s To Go.  This time, with TWO pickles.

1:30-3:30, Sumi Shimamoto Autograph 1 (Autographs, 4B)

On Friday, I’d asked one of my friends if she or her sister wanted Sumi Shimamoto’s or Vic Mignona’s autograph.  They wanted one of each.  Since that meant I’d have to stand in line four times (only one item can be signed per turn), I decided to split the difference: I’d go for Shimamoto’s autograph for my friend, and Mignona’s autograph for her sister.  Shimamoto-san had the better autograph time on Saturday, but searching the Exhibition Hall for something she could sign proved fruitless, unless I wanted to spend close to $500 on a drawing of Kyoko Otonashi.  Luckily, I had a Plan B.

I got in line around 1:30 and was surprised by how short it was.  Staff cut off the line at 1:55, but I was ahead of the cut-off.  The people around me noticed she was taking photos with fans, too.  One person there had bought tons of poster board for the guests to sign.  I found out from him where to purchase them and kept that in mind for next year.

Considering how big a voice actress Shimamoto-san is, I’m amazed I got to her signing table in less than 45 minutes.  She recognized me from our interview, and I gave her assistant my camera.  Her assistant had trouble with it at first, but the photo came out beautifully.


 Cosplay in the Courtyard

Since I had free time before my next event, I went outside and took photos of people cosplaying.  While there, I ran into my friend Andy, who was also taking photos.  He didn’t have a pass for Sakura-Con, so he couldn’t enter the convention space.  I don’t know if you can get a press pass as a photographer, but I told him he should look into it, as his photos are the work of a professional, while mine are of a good amateur.

DSC_0232 DSC_0235DSC_0234

DSC_0236 DSC_0237 DSC_0238DSC_0240DSC_0242DSC_0243DSC_0247DSC_0249DSC_0250DSC_0252DSC_0254DSC_0256DSC_0257

 3:30-5:30, Vic Mignona Autograph 2 (Autographs, 4B)

Having once again found nothing for a guest to sign, I went in with my souvenir program…and was directed to the front of the third line.  And I hear his lines move slowly.  After sitting there for a few minutes, I left to do more productive things, since he had one more autograph session tomorrow, and at a better time.  Plus, I could use the extra time to find something for him to sign — like a t-shirt.

I mulled around the Exhibition Hall, skirting the first row of Artist’s Alley.  Since the creators of Spinnerette were at Anime Boston, there were no artists I recognized from last time (see Sakura-Con: Episode One) .  I did, however, check out the Artist’s Show — hidden in a corner of the fourth floor.

The Manga Library

I thought about going to an Ikebana Class, but decided against it at the last minute, and Lady Librarian’s panel would cut into dinner, Cosplay Chess, and my remaining energy.

Instead, I went to the Manga Library (204-205), where I chatted with one of my friends and read some Maison Ikkoku.  First was Maison Ikkoku: The Graphic Novel, which was such an old translation that it read left to right.  I then picked up Volume 4 (2 and 3 were missing), which followed the standard right to left manga translation model. I stayed there for about an hour.

Since Lost and Found was down the hall from the Manga Library, I popped in there to see if anyone had found my bag since yesterday, but no one had.


Having finally discovered that Subway was on the fourth floor, I ordered a 12′ meatball sub. I could’ve eaten another one, too.  Since the weather was nice, I ate outside, but had the bad fortune of sitting near smokers.  So much for fresh air.

5:30-7:30, Cosplay Chess: Main Game (Sakuradome, 6E)


Seong Mi-Na’s and Ash Crimson’s teams size each other up

When I received approval for my press pass, one of my friends told me, “You must see cosplay chess!”  Having seen it, I believe having an arena-style chessboard with stadium seating (so that people can look down on the board, instead of having their view obstructed by audience members sitting in front of them), would have increased my enjoyment of the event.  As would making it a half-hour shorter.

As seats were filled, we were entertained  by a break-dancing staff member.  Then the battle began between Ash Crimson, Seong Mi-Na, and their teams.


The first battle



Time for Monopoly!




Sora from Kingdom Hearts used amazing acrobatics during his fight sequences.


Yep, there were Power Rangers.

The worst thing about cosplay chess is that it’s chess.  The best thing about it is the battles.  Some are humorous, others breathtaking.  They included acrobatics, Monopoly games, guest appearances, fatalities, and humor.  Snake from the Metal Gear series participated (complete with a cardboard box he could hide in), as did Sub-Zero from the Mortal Kombat series.  Star-Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy couldn’t get Ash Crimson to remember his name until late in the game, while Kakashi Hatake from Naruto corrupted a youthful opponent with a dirty book.  And the cosplay characters weren’t confined to the chess board.  In the audience, I saw the best Lum costume I’ve ever seen, but as happens so often at conventions, I saw this one when I couldn’t conveniently ask for a photo.


Big Hero 6’s Baymax helps Hiro in his match.



The ending battle between Ash Crimson and Seong Mi-Na.

The two-hour match sucked all the remaining energy out of my body, so I left after it finished.  Looking ahead to Sunday, I saw a couple of panels I wanted to attend, including Zack Davisson on Gegege no Kitaro.  Oh, and Seong Mi-Na’s team won.

Next post: The final day of Sakura-Con 2015!  More panels!  More photos!  More standing in line!