Sakura-Con 2017 and 2018 Photos and Strategies

Last year, I covered Sakura-Con for its 20th anniversary. My partner and I interviewed two voice actors (you can read Vic Mignogna’s interview starting here), attended numerous panels, and took lots of photos. My original plan was to edit and post the photos (and interviews) soon after the Con.

That’s not what happened.

So, in an effort to be more efficient this time around, my partner has suggested some changes. First, I’m including links to our photos before I’ve uploaded them all. You can access photos from Sakura-Con 2017 here. Likewise, you can see photos from Sakura-Con 2018 here.

Once all the photos are uploaded, I’ll make an announcement on this blog, so subscribe if you don’t already!

Once all the posts from Sakura-Con 2018 are up, I’ll start adding the final Sakura-Con 2017 posts, including my interview with Aaron Dismuke and highlights from last year’s Con.

Hope to see you there!