Taken the evening of March 13, 2020

Normally around this time, I’d either be writing about Sakura-Con or preparing for my coverage of SIFF. I didn’t apply for a press pass for either event this year: Sakura-Con because I already was planning to take some time off in late April, SIFF because the theaters closed on March 13, and then the festival was canceled on March 18. Since Sakura-Con was also canceled, my non-coverage of it remains the same. And I’m getting a lot more than a few days off at the end of April, since I work used to work at one of the theaters that was closed (supposedly, we’ll all be rehired once the theaters reopen, but no one knows what the timetable for that is, or if SIFF will even have enough money to hire everyone back at once).

I have discovered, however, that I never wrote all the posts I originally intended to for the past two Sakura-Cons. So, while I won’t be covering any new events on this blog, you might be seeing some of those “new” posts pop up. It depends on how much time I give to that over other projects I have lined up. And how much motivation.

Like the theaters reopening, I don’t have a timetable for when all of this will be posted. My guess is that when I’m bored or feeling frustrated at being stuck in my apartment is when I’ll be working on these posts. Until then, feel free to check out salvatorespeaks.com for links to all of my projects and social media accounts. You can also link to this blog and to Dreams of Literary Grandeur through that site.

Here are the official statements from Sakura-Con and SIFF. In the meantime, several theaters are hosting virtual screenings, with profits being split between them and the distributors. These include The Grand Illusion Cinema, Northwest Film Forum, and SIFF Cinemas. If you don’t live in the Seattle area, consider doing virtual screenings at your local theater, instead. All three also take donations, which don’t have any geographical restrictions on them.