Changes to My Blog — The 2016 “Movie” Edition

Like on Dreams of Literary Grandeur, I didn’t post much on this site last year. Take away posts from before and during SIFF 2015 and you’re left with two of them.

The changes to this blog, however, have less to do with frequency and more to do with revamping the “Movies Watched” section. I’ll no longer list all the anime and TV series I’ve seen over the course of the year, though I may write posts about them.  Also, I’m only listing new movies watched.  If I see an archival movie on the big screen, I may mention it on Twitter (@litdreamer) or write a post on it here, but I’m not listing it in the sidebar. That includes movies watched at SIFF, though I will include all movies watched in one of my festival posts. That also means that the two pages I’ve dedicated to movies and series watched during the course of the year will soon vanish.

In the past, I’ve sometimes written which format I saw a movie in.  I’ll be doing that for all films now, as well as the title, director (or producer/actor, if they’re more well-know; e.g. Walt Disney, Buster Keaton), run-time, country of origin, and release date.

Like on Dreams of Literary Grandeur, I’m going to tweak the blogroll, but not as severely.  In this case, I’ll remove the names of blogs that have listed no new posts for a year.

Finally, all the posts originally part of Dreams of Literary Grandeur will have that moniker at the bottom of the post, and after checking that everything has been imported correctly to this blog will be removed from the Dreams blog, thereby giving me a more accurate count of how many posts I’ve written between the two.


To my Readers

If you are a long-time reader of my other blog, you know that Roger Ebert was an early supporter of it, back when Dreams of Literary Grandeur was on Blogger and Murmurs from the Balcony didn’t exist, yet while Dreams of Literary Grandeur would have existed without Roger Ebert, Murmurs from the Balcony would not have.  Of course I’ve read other criticism besides Ebert’s, especially when it comes to non-movie reviews, but none as loyally, or for as long.  His reviews were syndicated in my local newspaper, and I discovered his show soon after the passing of Gene Siskel (and then hunted down old episodes with Siskel in it).  Without Roger Ebert, I would have stopped writing reviews once I graduated from college, and my love for film would have developed more slowly than it did.  In addition, the whole reason that I started writing about the Seattle International Film Festival  is because neither Ebert nor the FFCs were here to cover it, like he did the Cannes, Toronto, SXSW, and Sundance film festivals.  And if Ebert hadn’t covered those other festivals, it’s doubtful I would have written about the one here.

Since Dreams of Literary Grandeur was the blog he initially supported, I’ve written my tribute to him on there.  Tomorrow is his funeral, and while I will be many miles away from Chicago on that day, I’ll be there in spirit, as I’m sure will be the case for thousands, if not millions, of others.

I would like to close this post with an observance made about the great cellist Pablo Casals, which I think will also hold true for Roger Ebert:

“Even more than he loved great music, Casals loved people, and he delighted in leading the masses to a higher spiritual, cultural and moral level. This is truly why we still remember Casals today. Not because he was such a great cellist, but because he was a great human being with a heart of love.” (highlights mine)

Rest in peace, Rog.  And thank you.

15. Roger Ebert Blvd Sign

Why Another Blog?

I asked myself the same question: why another blog?  I already have one, Dreams of Literary Grandeur, which includes all of my writings online, minus some exceptions (which I have links to).  Why split my writings in half?

The answer is this: I am pulled by two worlds, the literary and the critical.   By having two blogs, I can do all my creative writing on Dreams of Literary Grandeur (including personal essays, thought pieces, and the My Favorite Authors series), while reserving all of my critical writing for here.  Also found here will be articles and commentary on live events, simulcasts, and artistic institutions (like independent movie theaters).

In addition to new criticism that will appear on here, I have added all of my old criticism, which I have been tagging and categorizing the past month so as to be easier to find.  One such result is that a list of all of my reviewed films (minus festival films, which I’ve tagged), books, etc.,  can be  found in my sidebar.  Just scroll down to see if I’ve reviewed something you’re interested in.

Now then, shall we begin?