The Scarecrow Cometh

On Saturday, October 11 at 6 pm, Scarecrow Video closed its doors as a for-profit video store.  While they reopened as a nonprofit on Tuesday, October 14 at 11 am, the official reopening was yesterday: International Independent Video Store Day.  As someone who had supported their Kickstarter campaign, I went to the store, camera in … Continue reading The Scarecrow Cometh

SIFF 2012: Galas, Tributes, Parties, And Other Happenings

First, I should mention that I didn't go to every party, and even fewer Galas (movie+party).  I didn't go to the Opening Night Gala because no one told me I could, until after I had made plans.  Then, I didn't get invites to the first couple of parties because I wasn't on the staff-generated email list. … Continue reading SIFF 2012: Galas, Tributes, Parties, And Other Happenings

An Afternoon With Charlie Chaplin

Saturday was Charlie Chaplin's birthday, and what better way to celebrate than by watching a Chaplin film? Well, how about watching a double feature in a movie theater, the way Chaplin's films were seen when they first appeared? SIFF Cinema has been showing his films in a series entitled "Simplicity is a difficult thing to achieve": The Films of Charlie Chaplin.