Final Weekend Round-Up

Note: The Closing Night Movie & Gala will be covered in a separate post. Friday, April 22 The Passenger (Raul Cerezo, Fernando Gomez, 2021, Spain, 90 min) -- 9:30PM @ Pac Place 11 Photo courtesy of SIFF Of all the venues I've been to, Pac Place is the hardest to take pictures in. So, since … Continue reading Final Weekend Round-Up

Weekend Roundup

Saturday, April 16 Children of the Mist (Hà Lệ Diễm, 2021, Vietnam, 92 min) -- 9:30pm @ Pac14 Photo courtesy of SIFF This movie disturbed me so much that I accidentally ripped through the wrong number when voting on it. This documentary starts with a young girl named Di, walking through a cucumber patch and … Continue reading Weekend Roundup

The Restored Apu Trilogy

At the beginning of each film in the Apu Trilogy, text describes how a 1993 fire destroyed the original negatives (two reels from the last film survived, but were in such bad condition that they couldn't be used), and how duplicate negatives and superior print sources were used for this 4K restoration. All three films … Continue reading The Restored Apu Trilogy

One Day, Six Films — Thursday, May 21, 2015

At Ebertfest, I once saw four films in one day.  During the fourth film, time vanished, reality regressed to dreams, and I left the theater unsure where I was.  During SIFF this year, I saw five films last Wednesday (and am planning on seeing five today).  The next day, I did one better.  Somehow, the films remained … Continue reading One Day, Six Films — Thursday, May 21, 2015