SIFF 2013: Week Two, Part One

Sunday, May 26 I started Week Two with some Harold Lloyd action: a 4K digital restoration of Safety Last!, preceded by an unrestored Harold Lloyd short.  While I enjoyed the feature-length film (and it looks gorgeous, with just a few frames missing here and there), I prefer Chaplin and Keaton, even if this film does … Continue reading SIFF 2013: Week Two, Part One

SIFF 2013: Week One

Monday, May 20 Press screenings this morning were Yellow, My Dog Killer, and The Punk Singer.  It was also the press screening manager's birthday, who received the gift of thievery, as her car was stolen that morning, which meant I had to call her and ask her how to turn off the alarm in the … Continue reading SIFF 2013: Week One

Press Screenings-Week Three

Note: This will be the last post dealing exclusively with press screenings.  The following posts will include information on press screenings with that of the festival itself. Monday (Day Nine): I found out that a well-loved theater will be closing its doors at the end of August.  At night, I saw my last pre-festival film: the … Continue reading Press Screenings-Week Three

Press Screenings-Week Two

Monday (Day Five): Scheduled to work a half hour later this week, then rescinded when the powers-that-be realized that the box office opens a half hour earlier than the doors for the press screening do.  So, this is the only day I started work at 9.  Received some retraining on how to process and print out … Continue reading Press Screenings-Week Two

Press Screenings-Week One

The official start of the 39th Seattle International Film Festival isn't until May 16, but the unofficial start began on Monday, with the first day of press screenings.  In addition to people with Press passes, Full Series passholders and higher can attend the screenings.  Unlike last year, where I left my schedule open to the … Continue reading Press Screenings-Week One