SIFF 2013: Week Two, Part Two — Anniversary Post

SIFF 2013 had some of the best films out of all of the festivals I attended. Part of that might've been due to the fact that my press screening schedule allowed me to attend most of the evening and weekend films, which were often the bigger movie offerings. I also got lucky. I almost didn't … Continue reading SIFF 2013: Week Two, Part Two — Anniversary Post

Press screenings-Week One — Anniversary Post

In 2013, I got smart and decided to work the press screenings. I detail below the advantages of working them as opposed to working the festival proper. Unfortunately, when the press screenings moved from the Uptown to Pacific Place in 2016, hourly staff were no longer needed to run them, which saved SIFF money, but … Continue reading Press screenings-Week One — Anniversary Post

SIFF 2013 Wrap-Up

37 feature-length films. 16 shorts. 1 TV pilot. 6 parties. Multiple Q & A's. Such was my experience at the 39th Annual Seattle International Film Festival. While SIFF 2013 ended five months ago, the films it showcased (276 features, plus shorts) will continue to trickle out until SIFF 2014 -- if they're lucky.  Others will … Continue reading SIFF 2013 Wrap-Up

SIFF 2013: Week Three, Part Two

Thursday, June 6 The last press screenings of the festival were Test, Invader, and Last Flight to Abuja.  Of more interest was the photo taken with the Fools in Theater 1, wearing our Hawaiian shirts (since this was also the last Aloha Thursday of the festival), and the amount of gratitude we received from the … Continue reading SIFF 2013: Week Three, Part Two

SIFF 2013: Week Three, Part One

Monday, June 3 First up, press screenings.  Today's were Horses of God, The Forgotten Kingdom, and The Plague.  You'll be hearing more about Horses of God in my next post, for my coworker raved so much about it that I had my manager grab a screener for me (I could have seen it during its … Continue reading SIFF 2013: Week Three, Part One

SIFF 2013: Week Two, Part Two

I apologize for the three-month hiatus from writing about SIFF 2013, but I got caught up working on other projects and had to set aside work on these posts for awhile.  Over the next few weeks, I hope to finish up the last of these entries about the festival. Thursday, May 30 Aloha Thursday started … Continue reading SIFF 2013: Week Two, Part Two

SIFF 2013: Week Two, Part One

Sunday, May 26 I started Week Two with some Harold Lloyd action: a 4K digital restoration of Safety Last!, preceded by an unrestored Harold Lloyd short.  While I enjoyed the feature-length film (and it looks gorgeous, with just a few frames missing here and there), I prefer Chaplin and Keaton, even if this film does … Continue reading SIFF 2013: Week Two, Part One

SIFF 2013: Week One

Monday, May 20 Press screenings this morning were Yellow, My Dog Killer, and The Punk Singer.  It was also the press screening manager's birthday, who received the gift of thievery, as her car was stolen that morning, which meant I had to call her and ask her how to turn off the alarm in the … Continue reading SIFF 2013: Week One

SIFF 2013: Opening Night and Weekend

This year's posts on the Seattle International Film Festival are dedicated to the late Roger Ebert, without whose reports from Cannes and encouragement of my writing I wouldn't have started reporting about SIFF four years ago. Thursday, May 16 Opening Night began for me after I left work in a Hawaiian shirt and came back … Continue reading SIFF 2013: Opening Night and Weekend

Press Screenings-Week Three

Note: This will be the last post dealing exclusively with press screenings.  The following posts will include information on press screenings with that of the festival itself. Monday (Day Nine): I found out that a well-loved theater will be closing its doors at the end of August.  At night, I saw my last pre-festival film: the … Continue reading Press Screenings-Week Three