SIFF 2018 Edition: How to SIFF


The SIFF Lounge: a great place to hang out in between films.

I probably should’ve posted this earlier in the festival, but these tips will still help you out through the final week of the festival.

  1. Take care of yourself first, your movie-watching needs second.

    This took me years to understand. If you’re filling all of your free time watching movies, you’re going to run your immune system ragged, especially if you’re also working a full-time job. So, get plenty of rest, drink plenty of water, and if you’re feeling worn out, GO HOME.

  2. Remember: they’re just movies.

    Feel like yelling at the box office staff for messing up your ticket order? Deciding to argue with a venue manager because they won’t seat you late? Feel like your experience was ruined because it was too cold/too hot/too uncomfortable in the theater? First of all, yelling at people working for free (volunteers) or for less than a living wage (most everyone else) is a great way to look like an asshole. Second, it’s just a movie, folks! Sure, it sucks when the men’s room is out of paper towels, but in a world where kids are getting shot in school and immigrant children are being separated from their parents, I’d rather be out of paper towels. Which leads to –

  3. Be considerate.

    Everyone in the theater bought a ticket or paid a lot of money for a pass. Don’t be the person talking to your neighbor (a little known fact: whispers travel farther than the ear of the person next to you) or looking at your cell phone while the film is playing. Don’t be rude to the staff or volunteers. Don’t be rude to your fellow patrons. If you can’t go out in public without being an asshole, stay home. And referring back to number two, yes, you can bring up issues with your theater experience without being an asshole.

  4. Got some time between films? Hang out at the SIFF Lounge.

    In the past, SIFF had a bar where movie patrons could mingle. This year, they have the SIFF Lounge, which is available to all passholders for free and to everyone else for a $10 day pass. Besides comfy couches and camaraderie, there’s booze and ice cream (separately, of course). And WiFi!

  5. Refer to tip one.

  6. And finally, have fun!