Oscar Nominated Shorts — Animation

During COVID, in-person experiences at multiplexes have been replaced by at-home viewings on whatever screen you choose. These virtual screenings may recede as more people get vaccinated and more movie theaters reopen, but for now, they are the rule, rather than the exception. While film festivals and blockbusters most suffer from the lack of a … Continue reading Oscar Nominated Shorts — Animation

So Long, Seven Gables

Note: unless otherwise stated, all photos for this post were taken by the same person, who wishes to remain anonymous. One of the oldest movie theaters in Seattle is no more. The smoke, as seen from I-5 The Seven Gables Theatre began life as an American Legion dance hall in 1925, designed by Swedish-born architect … Continue reading So Long, Seven Gables

Haibane Renmei and the Search for Forgiveness

The Haibane are angel-like creatures that live in a town with walls.¬† Like the human inhabitants of the town, they cannot pass beyond the walls. ¬†They hatch from cocoons that grow in abandoned rooms and are named after the dream they have inside of them. The story begins with the discovery of Rakka's cocoon by … Continue reading Haibane Renmei and the Search for Forgiveness

Remembering Lynn Shelton

Photo courtesy of SIFF If this were a normal year, I'd already have published a post on Opening Night Festivities for SIFF 2020. There'd also be a Lynn Shelton retrospective showing in select Seattle cinemas upon her passing (this NWFF event was planned ahead-of-time; the fact that it ended up being timely is a fortunate … Continue reading Remembering Lynn Shelton


Taken the evening of March 13, 2020 Normally around this time, I'd either be writing about Sakura-Con or preparing for my coverage of SIFF. I didn't apply for a press pass for either event this year: Sakura-Con because I already was planning to take some time off in late April, SIFF because the theaters closed … Continue reading Updates

SIFF 2019: Final Weekend, Final Thoughts

Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool (USA 2019, 115 min) Digital Screener, Sat 6/8 and Sun 6/9 Despite plans to see multiple movies over the final weekend of SIFF, I ended up seeing only one film, at home, and fell asleep for half of it (note: I fell asleep because I was tired and the … Continue reading SIFF 2019: Final Weekend, Final Thoughts

SIFF 2019: An Interview with David Shields

During SIFF 2019, I saw a screener of the film Lynch: A History after a mutual friend put me in touch with the director/writer/producer, David Shields. Experimental films and I don't have a good track record, so I was surprised when I enjoyed the film, which builds a narrative entirely out of already-existing media. The … Continue reading SIFF 2019: An Interview with David Shields

SIFF 2019: Week Three Capsule Reviews

The Legend of the Stardust Brothers (Archival, Japan 1985, 100 min) Digital Screener, Sun 6/2 Makoto Tezuka (son of Osamu Tezuka, the godfather of Japanese manga) directed this wild Japanese musical at the age of 23. Basic plot: media mogul Mr. Minami (the late Kiyohiko Ozaki) takes rival singers Shingo (Shingo Kubota) and Kan (Kan … Continue reading SIFF 2019: Week Three Capsule Reviews

SIFF 2018 Edition: Get in the (VR) Zone — Anniversary Post

My last anniversary post is, ironically, about the future. While I'm of the opinion that VR isn't the future of film, I also believe that we're just beginning to discover its applications and its potential. Note: there was no VR at SIFF this year, so if it's the future, the future will have to wait. … Continue reading SIFF 2018 Edition: Get in the (VR) Zone — Anniversary Post

Shorts at Shoreline — Anniversary Post

This is the fourth year that SIFF is showing films at Shoreline Community College. While I didn't go to any films there this year (I've moved since last year, and not closer to Shoreline -- which is unfortunate, since I love the venue), I'd encourage anyone who can go to check it out. It's away … Continue reading Shorts at Shoreline — Anniversary Post