Educators, Artists, Activists, and Cambodia

This year, most of the documentaries I saw revolved around four themes: educators, artists, protesters, and Cambodia.  Educator movies made me cheer for teachers; artist movies inspired me to write the truth, particularly when inconvenient; activist films reminded me how tough it is to be one; and Cambodian films filled in details for me of what Cambodia was before … Continue reading Educators, Artists, Activists, and Cambodia

First Saturday Party Highlights–May 16, 2015

You'll notice I'm breaking one of my rules with this one.  The venue looked awesome, so it's too bad I didn't get a photo of it.  You walk inside and everything is white or glass, with two small connected rooms to the right: the first one with food on a table near the back (and walls … Continue reading First Saturday Party Highlights–May 16, 2015

Recommendations from the Press Screenings

Before the festival proper kicks off tomorrow night, here are some films you should look for: Must-See Romeo Is Bleeding (Jason Zeldes, 93 mins, USA 2015) There is a scene late in Romeo Is Bleeding which sums up the essence of the film: in the middle of a cheering audience, a diminutive, young-looking woman stands … Continue reading Recommendations from the Press Screenings